Budget-Friendly Personalized Gift Ideas under QAR 150

Jan 11, 2024

Gift-giving is meant to be a joyful experience and a strong symbol of appreciation and love. It has been a beautiful tradition that we have followed, and it has become an important part of our culture. When it comes to giving gifts, the thought behind it really does count; it’s truly priceless. And that's why we all love to get and receive gifts, even though there is nothing special, only to make someone's smile. If you're looking to send a gift to Qatar that's something different for your loved ones but also within your budget, personalized gifts in Qatar are the best choice to make the gifting experience more beautiful and create an emotional connection. Always, personalized gifts The best gift comes from the heart, not the store. Likewise, the customization of these gifts will truly make them feel special and forever cherished. For all of these reasons, it's a perfect way to show your loved ones how much you love them and what they mean to you. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because you feel like making your beloved happy, you can make all the difference with the help of personalized gift ideas. 

Here are some budget-friendly personalized gifts in Qatar under QAR 150 from Wah Prints, a trusted brand for personalized photo gifts and photo printing, that are sure to bring a smile to your special one's face. 

Customized Photo Mug


A mug is a classic and heartwarming gift choice for loved ones to add an extra dose of charm to their everyday routine. Delight your loved one with the perfect gift on their birthday or any special occasion by printing your design or a cherished photo on a mug. This can be a beautiful reminder of happy moments for a lifetime. These customizable mugs can also be great mementos to give to employees and customers at events and celebrations. With Wah Prints, you can ensure high-quality printing, and full-color photo printing technology will make sure your creation looks great. We offer a variety of options, ensuring that every sip brings joy and nostalgia. Here are a variety of mug options available at Wah Prints, such as 

  • Mug with a Heart-Shaped Handle 
  • Matte Mug   
  • Mugs with colored inside surfaces and handles 
  • White Mug   
  • Mugs with colored handles and spoons 
  • Custom Photo-Printed Travel Mug 

Personalized Photo Pillows 

personalized white pillow with photo in qatar
personalized magic pillow silver in qatar
customized white pillow with photo in qatar

Make your living space a reflection of your cherished memories and heartfelt emotions with Wah Prints' personalized pillow collection. Whether it's a favorite photo or a meaningful message, our pillows are designed to add comfort and nostalgia to any room. Choose from our exquisite selection that suits different styles and preferences. Our personalized pillows are more than just decorative items; they are tokens of love and care that bring a sense of belonging to any living space. 

Our collection includes items such as: 

  • White Pillow   
  • Color Chameleon Pillow 
  • Heart-shaped Pillow with Red Frills 
  • Heart-shaped velvet pillow 

Custom Made T-Shirt

personalized men tshirt in qatar

When it comes to personalized fashion, our custom T-shirt will become a new fashion statement for you. We take pride in providing high-quality service for custom T-shirt printing in Qatar. Whether it's a striking graphic, a catchy quote, or a personalized design, we ensure that every detail is clear and long-lasting. Level up your wardrobe by ensuring comfort and durability with our collection, whether for casual wear, a special event, or everyday comfort. Designing your own personalized tshits is now super-easy with our user-friendly online platform. And our collection includes: 

  • Men T-Shirt  
  • Women T-Shirt  
  • Kids T-Shirt  
  • Man, T-Shirt with Collar 
  • Round Neck Cotton T-Shirt   

Custom Keyrings 


Preserve your cherished memories in a compact and stylish way with custom-printed keyrings from Wah Prints. Keyrings always keep your memories close at hand. Whether for yourself or someone special, these keyrings are the perfect accessory to carry a piece of your heart wherever you go. 

Choose from an array of keyring types, including: 

  • Square metal keyring 
  • Rounded Rectangular Keyring 
  • Heart-shaped keyring 
  • Round metal keyring 
  • Rectangle and horizontal keyring 
  • Oval and horizontal keyring 
  • Braided Keychain Loop 
  • Round Keyring  
  • Square Keyring  
  • Square Photo Keyring 
  • Rectangle Photo Keyring 
  • Oval Photo Keyring 
  • Heart-shaped metal keyring 
  • Metal Photo Keyring 
  • Rectangular and horizontal keyrings 
  • Rounded Rectangular Keyring 
  • Rectangular and vertical photo keyring 

Customized Wall Clock  

customized magic mirror with clock qatar

Decorate your home's walls with innovative picture clocks. It adds a unique touch to any living space through its usefulness and the way it carries our memories. You can infuse it with a cherished photograph, a heartfelt message, or a design that evokes nostalgia for your loved one's. However, if you're looking for more options beyond the traditional customized wall clock, Wah Prints offers a diverse range of alternatives that are just as enchanting and meaningful. 

  • Magic Mirror with a Clock 
  • Magic Mirror  
  • Square Clocks  
  • Rectangular Clocks  
  • Round Clocks  

Custom Photo Plate 

customized magic mirror with clock qatar

In the age of digital photography, there's something nostalgic about having physical mementos to hold onto, and custom photo plates serve as timeless tokens of cherished memories. Through custom photo plate printing, these plates transform ordinary dinnerware into extraordinary pieces, capturing a moment in time that can be treasured for years to come. With various options available, you can select the perfect plate style to complement the sentiment you want to preserve. Whether it's to commemorate a milestone, celebrate a loved one, or capture a special event, custom photo plates offer a unique and elegant way to treasure meaningful memories. 

  • Flat Plate  
  • standard plate  
  • Gold Rim Plate 
  • Baroque Plate  
  • Green Marble Plate 
  • Palm Branch Plate   

Custom caps    

customized yellow cap qatar

Custom-made baseball caps are an accessory that adds a splash of style to your wardrobe. These caps come in an array of colors and serve as a canvas for self-expression through personalization. You can add design, simple text, or your brand logo to make the custom caps the perfect match for every taste and occasion. Let your cap do the talking and have a unique style that levels up your overall outfit. 

personalized Hoodies   

customized black hoodie qatar

Dress up comfort without sacrificing style with our range of personalized hoodies. They are available in an array of different colors and sizes. Our collection ensures that there's a color to suit everyone's requirements. By imprinting your favorite quotes,designs, or even a beloved photograph, these hoodies make them more special, bringing warmth and coziness. From birthday gifts and bachelor's parties to college events, surprise yourself and your loved ones with your personalized hoodies and sweatshirts. 

Polaroid photo prints 

personalized men tshirt in qatar

Bring back the nostalgic charm of photos with Polaroid photo prints. These prints truly capture the moment, making them not just photographs but beautiful memories that can be held, shared, and cherished for years to come. Whether used as home decor, gifts, or simply to preserve cherished memories, Polaroid photo prints offer a timeless way to celebrate life's most precious moments, evoking a sense of joy. Our commitment to quality ensures that each print is crafted to perfection, allowing you to relive and cherish your special moments for years to come.                                                       

Traditional photo album 

personalized men tshirt in qatar

In an age where digital photos dominate our screens, there's something uniquely nostalgic and treasured about memories that can be cherished for generations in our Traditional photo album. From family gatherings and special occasions to everyday moments worth remembering, a photo album captures the essence of life's most precious and unforgettable moments. we can hold in our hands, pass down to future generations, and flip through with a sense of warmth and nostalgia. Likewise, Adding a recent picture to the traditional photo album will turn a blank page into a new chapter of cherished memories. The moment of sitting together and reliving these captured moments fosters connections, strengthens bonds, and creates a sense of shared laughter, sorrow, and celebration among loved ones. It serves as a reminder that some treasures are best appreciated when held in our hands and shared with those we hold dear.  

Framed custom posters  

personalized men tshirt in qatar

Framed custom posters from Wah Prints are an excellent choice for any occasion.   Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a special milestone, a personalized poster can serve as a heartfelt token of your affection and appreciation. If you're looking to showcase your favorite quotes, capture a scenic view, or a cherished memory, framed custom posters offer a eye-catching decor option to your space. With the flexibility to choose the size, design, and framing style that best complements your space, it can be a stunning personalized décor. 

Print and frame photos

 personalized men tshirt in qatar   

Showcase your cherished memories with our high-quality photo prints from Wah Prints. Photo prints bring your beautiful memories to life. Elevate your space by framing these memories in our elegant and unique collection. Create stylish decor or heartfelt gifts for your loved ones by framing them in our diverse collection of frames. At Wah Prints, we understand that every memory is special, and our photo printing and framing services are customized to make them even more extraordinary. And, most importantly, photo frames help preserve memories. It allows you to look back on these pictures and enjoy them for a long time. You can even pass them on to the generations to come. And that, by itself, is priceless.   

When it comes to printing and framing your memories, Wah Prints offers various sizes to suit every photograph. Explore our  collection of frames, including:           

  • Brown Frame  
  • Black and Silver Frame 
  • Black Thin Frame 
  • Wooden Multi-Frame 
  • Hanging Multi-Frame With 3 Slots 
  • Love Multi Frame With 4 Slots 
  • Wooden Multi-Frame With 5 Slots 
  • Family Multi Frame With 5 Slots 
  • Plastic apple-shaped photo frames 
  • Classic piano photo frames 
  • Plastic family photo frames 

Custom canvas printing    

customized yellow cap qatar

Custom canvas printing is a wonderful way to turn your special memories into beautiful works of art. It allows you to showcase your most treasured memories in a visually stunning and lasting format. With our customization option, you can bring your photos to life in a way that gives a special touch to any space. In this type of printing, your favorite photos or designs are transformed onto a canvas, creating a unique and personalized piece. There are various types of custom canvas printing frames are available at Wah Prints, includes. 

  • Unstretched Canvases / Rolled canvas prints
  • Stretched Canvas Prints
  • Wrapped Canvas Prints
  • Framed Canvas Prints  

In conclusion, when it comes to preserving and sharing your cherished memories through personalized gifts, Wah Prints stands out as a reliable and trusted partner. By choosing Wah Prints, we offer the best photo printing service at an affordable price without compromising on the clarity and durability of the prints. Make your gift-giving experience in Qatar special and memorable with these budget-friendly personalized gift ideas under QAR 150 from Wah Prints. And it is time to click, explore, and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Visit us now. Don't miss the chance to create unforgettable moments. Let us bring your beautiful memories to stunning personalized gifts, where every gift tells a story! 

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