Fun things to do in Qatar during your trip to the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022

Qatar is all set to welcome the upcoming world football championship with all its might. People around the world is also getting ready to explore the nation. So here is a reminder of few fun things you can do in Qatar during your trip to the country to enjoy the big game.    

  1. Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an amazing attraction in Qatar for the visitors. The adventure involves bashing the steep sand dunes during the day and night and coming all the way to meet the sea. People usually spent the night in luxury tents to enjoy the starry nights and delicious foods.   

  1. Souq hunting

Visit the famous Souq Waqif or the standing market for the perfect market hunting. This iconic market is an amalgamation of spices, sweets, fabrics, household items, art pieces and souvenirs. It has also restaurants of almost every culture. Al Wakrah souq is another market which overseas beautiful Al Wakrah beach and have amazing fresh fish restaurants and other products.  

  1. Visit museums

The most amazing attraction of Qatar is its museums. The Museum of Islamic Art is in Doha on the sideways of Corniche. It has various collections of Islamic art such as pottery, glass works and textiles of different countries. It also possesses a library that consist of precious manuscripts and texts that you can only find here. The National Museum of Qatar is another gem of a museum in a magnificent structure that beholds the beautiful representation of history, present and the future of the state. 

  1. Enjoy a walk along the Corniche

The Doha Corniche is a beautiful sight to behold that stretches in seven kilometres along the sea. You can walk along and take a dhow ‘river boat’ to enjoy the city. The nights at Corniche is more beautiful with the lit light and the cool breezes. The lawns will give you peaceful sitting to enjoy the pinnacle of the country.   

  1. Experience Katara Cultural Village and The Pearl

Katara Cultural Village as the name states is a village comprised of art and culture. It has passages, waterways, restaurants, shops, cafes and what more. It is a showstopper for both adults and kids and conducts festivals and events occasionally. The pearl is in acquaintance of the Katara Cultural Village and is a major tourist attraction. It is a maze of restaurants, cafés and outlets that also have water sports facilities.   

  1. Visit Al Zubarah Fort

Visit Qatar’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al Zubarah Fort to discover the country’s cultural history. It is surrounded by archaeological works that is dated back to 1700s whereas the fort was built in 1938. It is located in the old pearl fishing village Al Zubara where traders have sailed in the past. The town is abandoned therefore attracts numerous interesting haunting stories. 

  1. Explore the sporting events

Qatar in the verge of welcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 has amazing stadiums prepared for the game. These stadiums are a must watch as they behold the country’s tradition, culture and religion architecturally. The nation also hosts the ATP World Tour, World Superbikes, Qatar Moto Grand Prix, Qatar Masters Golf Tournament annually. Al Shaqab equestrian center that trains Arabian breed horses for the horse racing events is also a must visit. They also conduct traditional sports events such as camel racing and falconry.   

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