These 10 facts about Qatar will make you want to see the World cup Qatar in 2022!

Qatar is at the top of the world definitely by the upcoming FIFA world cup. The country is all set to celebrate the game and have preparations going on. These are the 10 facts about the country that will make you want to book tickets and ensure a place in the upcoming FIFA world cup 2022 that is to be held in Qatar.  

  1. Qatar renovated one of its stadiums and built 6 other stadiums. All the stadiums are built in a way that showcase the country’s traditions and cultures to the visitors all over the world. To know more about the world cup stadiums, read Unveiled stadiums for the 2022 World Cup
  2. Qatar has many resorts where people can enjoy the scenic beauty of the beaches surrounding it to get away from the busy lives. They will surely give you a peaceful and comfortable stay that will resonate through you for greater time.
  3. With its relative geography, rich marine life and clean waters, Qatar is an ideal sport to cherish water sports. You can try fishing, water skiing, kitesurfing, rowing boats, paragliding, scuba diving and so many more.
  4. Qatar is a country that attributes its development and growth to its very cultural, traditional and religious roots. And thus it have many historical sites and castles which will make you stand in awe.
  5. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the country has spectacular deserts and rocky terrains. The visitors can make use of the wonderful sporting activities related with these deserts such as desert safari trips, camel riding, dune bashing, desert camping and so on.
  6. Qatar is also synonymous to the beautiful restaurants and flavours that this country has to offer. The Qatari cuisine is rich and intricate that have strong influences from the other cuisines. Being an amalgamation of people from many countries and culture, Qatar has various restaurants specializing for the people from foreign countries. The country feature most of native tastes through the restaurants at its streets and souqs.
  7. Travelling a country always ends in shopping from the country. Qatar is famous for the shopping at its famous souqs. The souqs have a wide variety of collections of the local produces as well as products.
  8. The Qatar airport, Hamad International Airport was awarded the best airport in the Middle East award, the world’s best airport (25-30 million passenger category) and the best airport staff in the Middle East. The country also has the best airlines in the world, Qatar Airways to heighten its glory.
  9. The Middle East countries are famous for its generosity and hospitality to visitors all over the world. Qatar is no less in this amazing quality. Qatari people greet and behave politely everybody regardless of friends and strangers. They also offer ‘qahwa’, Arabian coffee and sweets to the guests.
  10. Finally, Qatar is ranked as the safest country in the world by the Numbeo Crime Index. It features the country’s dedication and commitment to the safety and well-being of the people living there, making it the safest option for people to travel and explore especially during the World Cup season.