7 interesting facts about 2022 FIFA World Cup

1. First winter world cup in the history of FIFA

The world cup generally takes place in the summer season as it is the time where winter comes over in the Southern Hemisphere. But when it comes to Qatar, the climate in summer will go as high as 50 degrees making it impossible to host the world cup. Therefore FIFA decided to conduct the championship in the winters which will kick off from 21st of November 2022 and end by 18th of December 2022.

2. It is the most expensive World Cup

An interesting fact about the FIFA 2022 world cup is that Qatar is all set two welcome the game with in full abundance and luxury. Being the richest country in the world, it is spending an estimate of $200 billion for the championship. This includes the infrastructural, developmental, promotional and many more projects.

3. Qatar to host the game in fewer stadiums

The world cup will be hosted by a number of eight stadiums, the fewest in the history of FIFA world cup after Argentina hosted the world cup with 6 stadiums in 1978. Out of the 8 stadiums, only one old stadium is refurbished and the rest 7 stadiums are newly built for the championship. Anyhow, all the stadiums are in reach to each other and is a masterpiece of Qatari culture and tradition.

4. The nation to expect a record of visitors during World cup

Being a Middle East country located in the center of otherworld, visitors can reach for the 2022 world cup more than any other world cups. Expecting record visitors, the country has arranged all the travel and accommodation facilities to all the expected football lovers. A total of 1300 flights have been daily charted to the nation for a whole month as part of the big game.

5. It will be the most commutable world cup

Apart from anticipating a record number of visitors, Qatar will become the most commutable world cup in the history of championship because of its small size. The stadiums are within proximity to each other and with transport facilities like metro and bus, watching the games in various stadiums are easier and more comfortable than you expect.

6. The first ever middle east country to host the world cup

Though the Middle East countries has been the top of the world in the recent years, Qatar only succeeded in achieving the host status. It is also the first Muslim majority nation to welcome the championship. Simultaneously, the 2022 world cup is also recognized as the second ever game to be held in Asia after the 2002 world cup co-hosted by Japan and South Korea.

7. This world cup will be the most hospitable game ever

It is well known that the hospitality is synonymous to Arabian culture. And when hosting a game like FIFA world cup, no doubt Qatar will unleash its hospitality in full glory and power. Intertwined with tradition and culture, the people and the places will truly welcome the visitors and gift them with a wonderful experience of not only the game but also of the nation and the natives.