12 Amazing Facts on FIFA World Cup History & Winners

FIFA World cup History-&-Winners

Here are some amazing facts about the history and winners of FIFA world cup

  1. The FIFA world cup was officially launched in 1930 and has been conducted every four years.
  2. In 1942 and 1946 the world cup was cancelled due to Second World War
  3. The 2022 FIFA world cup will be hosted by Qatar. Canada, USA and Mexico will jointly host the 2026 tournament.
  4. The qualification phase takes place over from three years prior and 32 teams will be eligible to compete for the title
  5. The host nation will automatically qualify for the tournament every year thus Qatar have qualified in 2022 tournament.
  6. Though 21 final tournament have been held till 2018 and 79 national teams have competed in the world cup history, only eight national team had won the trophy.
  7. The world cup winners are Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, France, Uruguay, England and Spain.
  8. Brazil is the only team that have won most number of trophy with 5 wins and is the only team to play in every tournament in the history of world cup.
  9. 17 countries have hosted the 21 year. Brazil, Sweden, France, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, England, Spain, the United States, Switzerland, Japan and South Korea (jointly), South Africa, and Russia are these countries.
  10. By hosting 2026 tournament, Mexico, will be the first country to host games in three World Cups.
  11. France became the champion in 2018 in the tournament held in Russia.
  12. Being the most prestigious association football tournament, it is the most widely followed and viewed single sport in the world.
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